Steps to Getting DBA Name for Texas LLC in 2023

Are you thinking about starting a business in Texas? If so, you’ll need to go through the process of getting a DBA (Doing Business As) name for your LLC. This is an important step in establishing your brand and protecting it from competitors.

In this article, we’ll guide you through the steps to getting a DBA name for your texas LLC in 2023.

Firstly, it’s important to understand what a DBA name is and why it’s necessary. A DBA name allows your business to operate under a different name than the one registered with the state. This can be useful if you want to create a separate brand identity or offer multiple services under different names. It’s also required by law if your LLC wants to do business under any other name than its legal name.

So, let’s dive into the steps you’ll need to take to get your DBA name for your Texas LLC in 2023.

Before starting the DBA application process, it’s crucial to consider seeking professional texas LLC services to ensure all legal requirements and regulations are met. With the help of experienced professionals, you can confidently run your business while staying compliant with state laws.

Understanding The Importance Of A Dba Name For Your Texas LLC

As a Texas LLC owner, it is essential to understand the importance of having a DBA (Doing Business As) name for your business.

A DBA allows you to operate your business under a different name than the one registered with the state of Texas. This is especially important if you plan to implement marketing strategies that require a unique and memorable business name.

However, it’s not just about marketing strategies – there are also legal implications to consider. By registering a DBA name, you can protect your brand identity and prevent others from using your business name.

Additionally, having a DBA can make it easier for customers to find you online and in local directories. It’s important to note that while registering a DBA is not required by law in Texas, it’s highly recommended for any LLC looking to establish its presence in the market.

Conducting A Name Availability Search

Searching for a name for your LLC in Texas requires you to check that the name you’re considering is available in the state’s database.

You’ll need to search multiple databases to make sure the name isn’t taken by another business.

Once you’ve found the perfect name, you can register it with the Texas Secretary of State and you’ll be ready to get started.

Search Requirements

To conduct a name availability search for your Texas LLC, you can start by utilizing online resources such as the Texas Secretary of State website.

This website offers a free name search tool that allows you to check if your desired DBA name is already in use or not.

However, keep in mind that this tool only searches the state’s database and does not guarantee that the name is available for use.

For more thorough results, you may want to consider seeking professional assistance from a business formation service or an attorney who specializes in business law.

They can help you conduct a more comprehensive search and ensure that your chosen DBA name is legally available for use by your LLC.

Search Databases

Now that you’ve conducted a preliminary name search, the next step in ensuring your Texas LLC has a legally available DBA name is to search databases.

There are different types of databases that you can use for this purpose, such as federal trademark databases and state business entity databases.

Utilizing these resources will give you a more comprehensive understanding of existing trademarks and business names that may be similar to yours.

However, it’s important to follow best practices for database management, such as recording your search results and keeping track of any potential conflicts or issues that arise.

By taking these steps, you’ll be better equipped to choose a unique and legally available DBA name for your Texas LLC.

Register Name

Now that you’ve conducted a thorough name search and ensured that your Texas LLC’s desired DBA name is legally available, the next step is to register the name.

This involves filing a name reservation with the Secretary of State in order to secure your chosen name for a certain period of time.

It’s important to choose a unique name that accurately reflects your business and its offerings, as this will help you stand out from competitors and establish a strong brand identity.

By taking these steps, you’ll be on your way to officially registering your Texas LLC’s DBA name and setting yourself up for success in the state’s business landscape.

Filing The Assumed Name Certificate With The Texas Secretary Of State

After conducting a thorough name availability search and finding a suitable DBA name for your Texas LLC, the next step is to file an Assumed Name Certificate with the Texas Secretary of State.

This filing requirement is necessary for all businesses operating under a name other than their legal entity name.

When filing the Assumed Name Certificate, there are certain fees and timelines to keep in mind.

The filing fee is $25, and the certificate must be filed within 90 days of using the dba name in texas.

It’s important to note that registering a DBA name does not provide exclusive rights to use that name, and there may be legal implications if another business has already established trademark or common law rights to the same or similar name.

Additionally, if you plan on registering multiple DBA names, each one will require its own separate Assumed Name Certificate filing.

Publishing The Dba Name In A Newspaper

Congratulations on getting closer to establishing your DBA name for your Texas LLC in 2023!

While the process may seem overwhelming at times, it is important to ensure that all legal requirements are met. One such requirement is publishing the DBA name in a newspaper.

This step may seem insignificant, but it can carry a hefty cost of publishing. The exact cost will vary depending on the newspaper and location, but it is important to factor this expense into your budget.

However, do not let this deter you from completing this crucial step as failure to comply with legal requirements can result in penalties and setbacks.

Updating Your Business Records With The New Dba Name

After publishing your DBA name in a newspaper, the next step is to update your business records with the new name.

This involves updating your business licenses and informing clients of the change.

To update your business licenses, you will need to contact all relevant state and local agencies and provide them with the necessary documentation. This may include a copy of the newspaper notice, as well as any other required forms or fees. Additionally, you may need to update any permits or certifications associated with your business.

Informing clients of the change is also crucial. You should send out an email or letter notifying them of the new DBA name and explaining why it was changed. This will help ensure that there is no confusion or misunderstandings about your business identity going forward.

With these steps completed, your LLC should be fully set up with its new dba name in Texas for 2023.


In conclusion, obtaining a DBA name for your Texas LLC is a crucial step to take in 2023. It allows you to conduct business under a different name than your registered LLC name and can help establish a stronger brand identity.

By following the outlined steps of conducting a name availability search, filing the assumed name certificate with the Texas Secretary of State, publishing the DBA name in a newspaper, and updating your business records, you can ensure that you are legally operating under your desired DBA name.

Don’t hesitate to take action and secure your DBA name today!

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